Apply for a Grant

We are focused on reaching out to small non-profit all-volunteer rescues that do not have the resources to pay for expensive medical care. We help those rescues pay for the care and healing of dogs in need.

Grants are considered to smaller rescues who are faced with the burden of high veterinary bills. WE DO NOT GIVE GRANTS TO BREEDERS, SELLERS OF ANIMALS, OR ORGANIZATIONS THAT ARE NOT 100% VOLUNTEER!
Grants are available to rescues located in Pennsylvania and bordering states only.

Applying for a grant is simple. In addition to completing the grant form below, you will also need to provide a copy of the vet bill or estimate along with a picture of the dog you are caring for.  This is all required before your grant application can be submitted and processed. Once you submit all of these items, a representative will be in touch with you to discuss your application at the earliest possible opportunity. Please note you must be a board member, or authorized by a board member of your rescue in order to submit a grant request.*

    Grant Application